How the software works

On the game menu, select Tactics. You will then see the Sd Tactics display. Enter player (or team) names. Click on PLAY.

You now are on the Score Board window where you will enter scores until the game is over. Each target as a single, double and treble. Bull only has single and double. Throw your darts, enter your score by clicking on the targets you have hit, eg. double 17. It is true that one need not enter all darts thrown, ie an 8 does not score anything ever. A double 8 however does. It is also true that unless doubles are either open or closed, marking a double 8 using double 1 (by mistake) has not impact. To be safe, enter all doubles and trebles on low numbers and let the software take care of the rest.

The background color and team name help cue you to whose score you are entering. Important because if someone throw 1, 5 and 7 you really do not have to enter any of these no target numbers, but you must at least hit OK so that you record a 0 for that player.

As targets are hit, on the Sd tactics display, those associated circles will get filled in the players color. Once that target is open and available for scoring, the target title turns that players color as well. Once a target is closed, everything turns red to warn you not to throw that target anymore.

If you make an error entering the 3 darts, hit clear and start again.

If you made an error and hit OK too quickly, click UNDO. This happens often when one forgets to click OK for a turn when no darts counted. You can UNDO back many levels and REDO back to where you started if for example you wish to check how the display has changed over several turns or to repair errors. Once you repair an error and hit OK, there is nothing left to REDO, youíll have to reenter whatever transpired from that point on.

Thatís it. The software will declare a winner when it happens.

Often a player (or team) is better than another a there is a need or desire for handicapping. Before you start a game, you can increase the number of times a target has to be thrown by a player before it is opened. The default is 3, but you can make it 4 or 5. Likewise the score, if you wish to spot your opponent 100 points, give it to them in the score box before you click PLAY. Once you click PLAY, the game is on.

Find the game to easy, set both counters to 5. Youíll find yourself looking for doubles later in the game.

What is Tactics?