What is Tactics?

First person (or team) to throw three of each of 20, 19, 18, 17 16 15, treble, double and bull and be ahead on score wins.


The first person to throw 3 of a target (eg 20 or double) is deemed to have "opened" that target. Meaning, each successive time that target is hit by that player before the target is deemed "closed" points are scored. Throwing a treble 20 counts as three 20s and a treble. Throwing a double bull counts as two bulls and a double.

As in the example for 20, each 20 thrown is worth 20 points, each treble 20 is worth 60, etc.

As in the example of double, a double 7 is worth 14, a double bull is worth 50, etc.

If a player has both 20 and treble opened for example, then treble 20 is worth 120 points. The player counts 60 points for treble 20 and 60 points for the treble.

Once the second player throws 3 of an "open" target, the target is deemed "closed". Anyone hitting a closed target looses that amount of points.

As in the example for 20, each 20 thrown is worth -20 points, each treble 20 is worth -60, etc.

As in the example of double, a double 7 is worth -14, a double bull is worth -50, etc.

If both 20 and treble are closed for example, then treble 20 is worth -120 points. The player counts -60 points for treble 20 and -60 points for the treble.

If a player as 20 open but trebles are closed, a treble 20 scores nil, 60 for the treble 20, but 60 for the treble.

Dont worry about any of this, this software will take care of all the calculations.

If the player with less points throws all the targets first, he must use the numbers that are still open to score; or, hope for the opponent to throw points in order for his score to become the high score. The person who has thrown all his targets but is still behind can also "wimp out" and just be seated hoping the opponent will win it for him. But be careful, you could be giving away the game.

There is also the decision between offence and defense. Do you open your own targets and score, or do you shut down the opponent because he is scoring. You need points to win, there are many ways to get them.

Then there is the bull. Shooting for it early and missing puts your darts in targets that count. Doing it after they are closed gives you negative points each time you miss. This could be costly. On the other hand shooting for bulls while your opponent is clobbering the 20s may or may not be good ie they will need the bulls later.

Strategy is always opponent, game and situation dependant so it is hard to generalize. But a favorite of mine is to open the 19 and trebles and start shooting treble 19 for 114 points each. I find treble 19 easier to hit than treble 20.

If you need points, score them before the treble and double gets closed. Much harder after that.

Remember you need doubles. Players often ignore that and there is nothing worse than trying to shoot double 14 in the safe area of the board late in a game because you need 2 doubles. Also remember, double bull is a double. Shooting for double bulls achieves 2 goals, doubles and bulls.

How the software works