What is total darts?

Coming soon.

This game is crazy. Crazy fun to play, but insane to try and score. Thatís why your trusedt computer should be used to play this game.

But to give you an idea of what it is. You (or your team) play against your opponent in which your throw of 3 darts gets applied to FIVE GAMES at the same time. You are playing 5 games at once. The winner is the first player (or team) to win 3 out of 5 games.

The games are 301 (double in), 501, Higher, Tactics and Halvers.

In a nut shell, we know what 301 and 501 are. Higher is just a simple game where you have 5 lives, each time your throw for that turn is not the highest score, you loose a life, lose 5 and you lose that game.

Tactics is played slightly different than the way we play it in Sd Darts as its own game. The difference being you do not have any negative scoring.

You can find a version of the rules for Halvers here: http://www.mostdartgames.com/halvers.html

One must be both good and on their feet to win at Total Darts. You have to double in as quickly as you can to get that game going. 501 will take care of itself. Higher is such a short game and can be over in minutes so you must pay attention there. Tactics usually becomes a tie breaker as it is more involved. Halvers also has a finite number of throws before it ends. But they way score is kept, how much attention you pay it depends on your opponentís score and strategy.

This game is truly insane. You need to devise a good strategy. Always good to play in teams of 2 so that you have 2 brains working at the same time. For example, first throw. Well you need a double for 301. And halvers only counts 20ís. Good thing that will also go good with your Tactics score. But keep in mind you need to get the highest throw for Higher.

Team with the lower throw loses a life in Higher and more important must throw FIRST next round. Always much easier to win at Higher if you know what the number is to beat.

Anyway, we are working on it.