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Typing conventions
Sentences:  separate them with 2 blanks (not 1).

Quotations:  stick to the ones just left of the ENTER key.

The Sd Software Group does not edit content for spelling, grammar, etc.  We will however not publish what we think may be objectionable or contrary to CIRA regulations and such, and you would be informed of this.

To serve our customers better, requests for changes to your website must come through the above link and follow the format/procedures described below (bookmark this page for future use).

  1. Request via email.
  2. Number your changes.
  3. Each change should start with the full URL of the page in question.
  4. On the next line, describe the change requested. 
    Note:  Text more than 1 paragraph long must be submitted as an attachment.

    Note:  Provide the name of the attachment (if there are more than 1)
    Note:  You will probably lose any formatting (as the text will be formatted to the existing page and website theme).

Additional Notes:

If you wish to streamline the process for yourself, use this template (changeRequest.rtf) to make your job easier and request it instead of typing the body of the email.

A sample of each method can be seen by clicking on a link in the left column of this page.

Submit a Request

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